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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Effect of NAM treatment on replicative life span and senescence onset of BMSCs. (A) BMSC lines from individuals of different ages (31, 35, and 51 years) were cultivated in MSCGM supplemented with (○) or without (●) 5 mM NAM. Cells were passaged in a 1:4 ratio until they stopped dividing. (B) The number of population doublings between day 10 and day 40 of the cultivation in (A) was counted, and normalized to doublings in the absence of NAM. Relative numbers are plotted. (C) Cryo-preserved cells (from the 31-year-old donor) at different passage numbers were thawed, sub-cultured in 6-well plates for 2 days, and stained for SA β-Gal.
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