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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Effect of NAM treatment on mRNA expression during osteogenesis and chondrogenesis. BMSCs at PD 6 or PD 10 (cultured in the absence of presence of NAM) were induced to either osteogenesis (A, B) or chondrogenesis (C, D) in the absence or presence of NAM. Cells were collected at day 7 (for osteogensis) or day 3 (for chondrogenesis) of differentiation and the mRNA levels of Runx2 (A), COL1a1 (B), Sox9 (C), and COL2a1 (D) were quantitated by real-time PCR. Mean values of three biological repeats were normalized against those of untreated and uninduced cells and the relative values were plotted. The significance of the difference between (−) and (+) NAM was determined by ANOVA test (Dunnett’s test) (*p<0.1; **p<0.01).
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