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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. PD-L1 expression on CD34+ HSCs in peripheral blood of chronic HCV-infected patients by flow cytometry. The peripheral blood CD34+ cells of patients and healthy controls were isolated by using MiniMacs high-gradient magnetic separation column and subsequently analyzed by flow cytometry using anti-CD45 and anti-CD34 antibodies. (A) A representative plot of enriched leukocytes shown by forward versus side scatter. The P1 gate represents the isolated PBMCs region. (B) The events in gate P1 are then displayed on a CD45 vs. SSC dot plot and a second gate (LR2) is produced to include the cluster of CD45+ events. (C) This plot is obtained by plotting the events that are fulfilling the criteria of gates P1 and LR2 (sequential gating). Cells forming a cluster with characteristic positivity to CD34 antibody are displayed in this plot creating the region LR3. (D) This plot is created by displaying cells that are positive for both CD45 and CD34 antibodies (LR3). Cells in lower right quadrant LR-4 are those with positive expression of PD-L1.
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