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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Differentiation of the non-adherent cells in growth culture media. Non-adherent cells were collected from the primary culture of leaflets and grown in DMEM (A), EGM-2 (B), SMCGM (C), MSCGM (D), or RESGRO (E) medium. During the first week, non-adherent cells exhibited low levels of proliferation in DMEM medium (F) and changes in phenotype (e.g., by adhering to culture dishes) in EGM-2 or SMCGM medium (G, H). The proliferation and adhesion rates were strongly increased in MSCGM (I) or RESGRO (J, K) medium. Formation of multinucleated colonies was widely detected in DMEM or RESGRO medium (L, P) after 3 weeks, whereas proliferation of non-adherent cells and the maturation of the colonies was the evident in MSCGM or RESGRO medium (O, Q). Differentiation of non-adherent cells into cells with endothelial or myofibroblast phenotype was detected in EGM-2 or SMCGM culture, respectively (M, N).
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