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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (A) The defect after trephine. (B) ADM in the defect. (C~E) Phase contrast photomicrographs of MSCs showing (C) Sub-cultured MSCs on day 5. Most cells are spindle in shape with long cytoplasmic processes having granular cytoplasm with vesicular nuclei. (D&E) Cells of primary culture showing MSCs with positive brownish cytoplasmic immune reaction for CD 105 (↑) and CD44 respectively. (F) Propyelene mesh fibers (↑) in culture media with BM-MSCs (*). (G) H&E of ADM after seeding with BM-MSCs. Irregular collagen fibers in papillary (P) and reticular (R) layers are covered with basement membrane (↑). Inset: Cells (▲) between collagen fibers. ADM: acellular dermal graft, BM-MSCs: bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. Phase contrast photomicrographs [C×200], [D×100], [E×400]. H&E [G×400, inset ×1,000].
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