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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. (A) Ia: Clavarial bone formed of diploe of compact bone with bone marrow space (BM) in-between. Endosteal surface lined with osteogenic cells (↑) and osteoblasts (↑↑), osteocytes inside their lacunae (O), and basophilic cement lines (▲) are seen between bone lamellae (*). (B~D) Ib: (B) Bone defect filled with dense vascular (BV) connective tissue, few osteogenic cells (↑) at the margin of the defect, small foci of newly formed bone (↑↑). (C) Richly vascularized (BV) dense connective tissue in bone defect, fibroblasts (↑) between bundles of densely arranged collagen fibers (*). Occasional osteoblasts (▲) on bone surface (B). (D) A blood vessel is surrounded with homogenous acidophilic material (↑), mononuclear cells (▲), lymphocytes (thick arrow) and plasma cells (*). H&E [A, C&D] ×1,000. [B] ×400.
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