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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. (A) IIa: Thin rim of bone (↑) with attached cells on inner and outer surfaces of defect with bone marrow (BM) inbetween. Inset: margin of defect with osteogenic cells (thick arrow). (B~E) IIb: (B) Irregular immature bone (↑) and BM space near the defect. (C) Highly celluar bone margin, osteocytes in their lacunae, osteoblasts (↑), blood vessels (BV) and irrregulaly formed bone (thick arrow) near defect margin. (D) Bone defect filled with many wide spaces (*) separated by thin septa (↑) and covered with periosteum (P). Area of new bone formation is seen (▲). (E) Newly formed bone trabecula (T), oesteogenic cells (↑), osteocyte lacunae (O), an osteoclast (thick arrow) in its Hawship lacuna and BM cells. H&E [A, C&inset of A] ×400. [B&D] ×100. [E]×1,000.
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