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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Scanning electron micrographs of sagittal section of rat skull bone. (A&B) Ia: (A) Clavarial bone (C) enclosing bone marrow space (BM) is lined with flat endosteal cells (E). (B) Cuboidal bone cells (↑) on the surface of bone trabeculae (T). (C) Ib: Irregularly arranged collagen fibers (↑). Cells (▲) with long processes are attached to collagen fibers and RBCs (*) are seen inbetween. (D&E) IIa: (D) Fibers (*) and cells (↑) filling areas between propylene fibers (P). (C) Calvarial bone. (E) Regularly arranged fibers (*). Flattened cells (thick arrow) and cuboidal cells (▲) with cytoplasmic processes (↑) are seen between these fibers. SEM [A] ×1,000. [B, C&E] ×4,000. [D] ×200.
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