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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Scanning electron micrographs of sagittal section of rat cranial vault at the defect area. (A&B) IIb: (A) A fiber of propylene mesh (P), surrounnded by irregular connective tissue filling the defect. Newly formed bone trabeculae can be seen at its periphery (↑). (B) Irregular fibers (↑), interconnected cells (▲) and irregular bone trabeculae (T) are seen between propylene fibers (P). (C) IIIa: Newly formed bone trabeculae (T) and osteocytes (O) inside their lacunae (L) can be seen with their processes (↑). (D) IIIb: The defect is filled with connective tissue. Irregular bone trabecula (T) and cells (↑) with interconnected processes can be seen between the trabeculae. SEM [A] ×200. [B, C&D] ×4,000.
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