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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. (A) Ia: Positive immune reaction at cement lines (↑), in cells lining the endosteum (▲) [from above downwards: osteogenic, osteoclast, osteoblasts. (B) Ib: Minimal expression in cells lining blood vessels (▲), at margin of defect (↑) and dura (D). (C) IIa: Positive reaction in cells at the margin of defect (↑) and on thin rim of bone on the inner and outer surfaces of defect (▲). (D&E) IIb: Positive immune reaction (D) in osteoblasts (▲) and osteocytes (▲), (E) In cells (↑) surrounding newly formed bone marrow space (BM). Inset: in cells invading the septa that separate bone marrow spaces. (F) IIIa: positive reaction in cells at defect margin (↑), in extracellular matrix (▲). Clavarial bone (B). (G&H) IIIb: Intense reaction in (G): extracellular matrix, osteoblasts (▲), osteocytes (▲), cements lines (↑), (H) in the center of the defect in cells (↑) and extracellular matrix (*). Anti osteopontin antibody [A~F&its inset, G&H] ×400.
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