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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Cluster analysis of the 177 compiled hMSCs markers: (a) network modularity determination figure showing the configuration of 48 communities resulted in the highest modularity. (b) Gene frequency graph, the frequency (number) of genes that was allocated into the different size of communities, as a result of the optimal cluster configuration. (c) The clustered network consists of the circular subplots; each of the parameter circles represents a community/cluster. Each green line represents the positive correlation of the gene expressions. The interactions within each community are noticeably more than the interactions with other communities. The size of the node represents the average expression level of that gene. The three positive ISCT markers are highlighted in grey. The top three stable or variably expressed genes in each community are highlighted in (c) and the gene names in panel (d), in blue and red, respectively.
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