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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Overexpression of p21 blocks hematopoiesis in co-culture with AGM-S3 cells. p21/hESC co-cultures with AGM-S3 cells were treated with DOX from D0, D2, D4, D6, D8, or D10, and then subjected to FACS with antibodies against CD34/KDR and CD34/CD43 (at D6) or GPA/CD71, CD34/CD43, and CD34/CD45 (at D12) to compare non-induced co-cultures and the GFP+ fraction of co-cultures treated with DOX. (A) When p21 was overexpressed from the early stage, the abundance of D34+KDR− and CD34+CD43− cells was not influenced at D6, whereas the emergence of CD34+KDR+ and CD34+CD43+ cells was significantly blocked. (B) Most hematopoietic populations, such as CD34−CD43+, CD34+CD43+, CD34+CD45+, CD34−CD45+, and GPA+CD71+, dramatically decreased at D12, regardless of when induction of p21 started. This observation indicates that p21 has strong negative effects on hematopoietic cells (CD43+) but not their endothelial precursors (CD34+).
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