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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Differentiation capacity of hAD-MSCs and characterization of hAD-MSC-derived exosomes (EXOs). (A) After adipogenic induction, almost all cells became broad and contained fat droplets dyed by oil red O. (B) After 21 days chondrogenic induction, hAD-MSCs expressed high concentrations of type II collagen, with a brown signal. (C) Under osteogenic conditions, MSCs aggregated, and were stained with Alizarin red, and (D) most cells were found to be alkaline phosphatase-positive, with a red signal. (E) The average diameter of the exosomes was 110 nm. (F) Western blotting indicated that hAD-MSC-EXOs expressed exosomal markers such as CD63, CD9, Hsp70 and CD81. Magnification: 100×.
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