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International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:123-249
Original Articles
The Calcineurin-Drp1-Mediated Mitochondrial Fragmentation Is Aligned with the Differentiation of c-Kit Cardiac Progenitor Cells
Attaur Rahman, Yuhao Li, Nur Izzah Ismail, To-Kiu Chan, Yuzhen Li, Dachun Xu, Hao Zhou, Sang-Bing Ong
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:123-134
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The Suppression Effects of Fat Mass and Obesity Associated Gene on the Hair Follicle-Derived Neural Crest Stem Cells Differentiating into Melanocyte by N6-Methyladenosine Modifying Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor
Zhiwei Shang, Haixia Feng, Liye Xia
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:135-144
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The Essential Function of miR-5739 in Embryonic Muscle Development
Ji-Heon Lee, Min Sup Kim, Jin-seop Lee, Dong Hyun Lee, Chansol Park, Dong Hyuk Lee, Eun-Young Kim, Hyung Min Chung
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:145-155
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Strategic Application of Epigenetic Regulators for Efficient Neuronal Reprogramming of Human Fibroblasts
Gary Stanley Fernandes, Rishabh Deo Singh, Debojyoti De, Kyeong Kyu Kim
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:156-167
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Therapeutic Effect of Three-Dimensional Cultured Adipose-Derived Stem Cell-Conditioned Medium in Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Yu Seon Kim, Joomin Aum, Bo Hyun Kim, Myoung Jin Jang, Jungyo Suh, Nayoung Suh, Dalsan You
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:168-179
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The Role of SDF-1α-CXCR4/CXCR7 in Migration of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells
Jialei Xu, Fan Yang, Shuhan Luo, Yuan Gao, Dingming Huang, Lan Zhang
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:180-190
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Cyclic Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate Primed Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate LPS-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice
Youngheon Park, Jimin Jang, Jooyeon Lee, Hyosin Baek, Jaehyun Park, Sang-Ryul Cha, Se Bi Lee, Sunghun Na, Jae-Woo Kwon, Seok-Ho Hong, Se-Ran Yang
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:191-201
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Exosomes from Tension Force-Applied Periodontal Ligament Cells Promote Mesenchymal Stem Cell Recruitment by Altering microRNA Profiles
Maolin Chang, Qianrou Chen, Beike Wang, Zhen Zhang, Guangli Han
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:202-214
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Alterations and Co-Occurrence of C-MYC, N-MYC, and L-MYC Expression are Related to Clinical Outcomes in Various Cancers
Moonjung Lee, Jaekwon Seok, Subbroto Kumar Saha, Sungha Cho, Yeojin Jeong, Minchan Gil, Aram Kim, Ha Youn Shin, Hojae Bae, Jeong Tae Do, Young Bong Kim, Ssang-Goo Cho
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:215-233
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Technical Reports
Transition Substitution of Desired Bases in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells with Base Editors: A Step-by-Step Guide
Ju-Chan Park, Keun-Tae Kim, Hyeon-Ki Jang, Hyuk-Jin Cha
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:234-243
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Regenerative Effect of Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Ganglion Cells in the Hypoxic Organotypic Retina Culture
Meital Ben Dov, Bryan Krief, Moshe Benhamou, Ainat Klein, Shula Schwartz, Anat Loewenstein, Adiel Barak, Aya Barzelay
International Journal of Stem Cells 2023;16:244-249
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