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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Roles of microtubule network, importin, and coactivators in the nuclear translocation and activation of gene transcription in HIF1α. HIF1α nuclear translocation is regulated by microtubule stability and dynein activation. Interaction between HIF1α and importinsα3 and α7 is important for the import of HIF1αinto the cell nucleus. Dynein adaptor proteins (including BICD) may regulate the dynein-associated nuclear translocation of HIF1α CBP/p300, Tip60, CDK8, PKM2, and PHD3 bind to HIF1α to coactivate gene transcription. Other gene transcription factors, such as STAT3 and AHR, also interact with HIF1α by synergistically activating HIF1-target genes expression.
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