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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. The dynamics of hASC response to AA-2P treatment with or without reduced serum level evaluated by immunocytochemical method. (A) The mean translocation ratio (MTR) of SCLERAXIS analyzed in hASCs at day 3, 5 and 7 of treatment. The factor calculated as the ratio of mean green fluorescence in the nucleus to the mean green fluorescence in the cytoplasm in certain object (a cell) which indicates activation of the transcription factor in response to experimental treatment; (B) The graphs represent mean green fluorescence in the nuclei, which refers to the nuclear expression of SCLERAXIS. hASCs from 3 donors were used in the experiments. Data analyzed by Student’s t-test for relative samples. *p<0.05 for the comparison of treated cells to control, untreated cells; #p<0.05 the comparison of cells in the same experimental conditions between different time points. Abbreviations: GM - untreated internal control samples cultured in growth medium analyzed in respective time points, AA-2P- ascorbic acid 2-phosphate treatment; 2% FBS- cells cultivated with decreased serum level; AA-2P+2%FBS- treatment with combination of two factors; (C) representative pictures of cells from one donor, 5th day of treatment. Different rows present the same fields of view - cells in various experimental conditions. SCLERAXIS stained in green, nuclei stained in blue.
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