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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. The treatment with AA-2P and/or reduced serum level affects the process that regulates the expression of genes associated with tenogenesis. Gene expression determined by RT-PCR and calculated using the 2ΔΔCt method. Results presented as fold change with 95% confidence interval in relation to the untreated internal control samples (cells from the same donor cultured in parallel in GM) which value was taken as=1. Y axis presented in log scale; Statistical analysis was performed by comparison of ddCt values in 2 step protocol: 1) by one-sample Student’s t-test, comparison of means obtained by subtraction Ct[treated]-Ct[control]; n=6 for each group, *p<0.05; 2) comparison of treatment effect between groups by one way ANOVA for differences [(AA-2P)-CTRL] vs [(2% FBS)-CTRL] vs [ (AA-2P+2% FBS)-CTRL], letters A, B and C above bars indicate statistical differences: groups sharing the same letter do not differ significantly (p<0.017, n=6 for each group); CTRL-untreated control; AA-2P- ascorbic acid 2-phosphate treatment; 2% FBS- cells cultivated with decreased serum level; AA-2P+2%FBS- treatment with combination of two factors; SCX- SCLERAXIS; MKX- MOHAWK HOMEOBOX; COL1- COLLAGEN, type I, alpha 1; COL3- COLLAGEN, type III, alpha 1; DCN- DECORIN.
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