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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Characterization of PD-MSCsPRL-1 using a nonviral electroporation system. (A) Hydrophobic PRL-1 levels in the cell culture supernatant. *p<0.05 versus naïve. (B) GFP fusion protein expression after transfection shown by western blotting. (C) FACS analysis of surface markers (positive: CD13, CD90, CD105, HLA-ABC, and HLA-G; negative: HLA-DR) in PD-MSCsPRL-1. (D) Osteogenic differentiation (Diff) by von Kossa staining and mRNA of BGLAP and COL1A1. (E) Adipogenic differentiation by oil red O staining and mRNA of adipsin and PPARG. (F) Hepatogenic differentiation by ICG uptake and mRNA of albumin and TAT by qRT-PCR. Scale bar=50 μm. Data from each group are expressed as the mean±SD. *p<0.05 versus undifferentiated (Undiff).
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