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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. BJJP and BMSCs suppress CSCs cell proliferation and enhance cell apoptosis through regulating miR-140. (A) Transfection efficiency was verified by RT-qPCR; (B, C) RT-qPCR and western blot were applied to detect the expression of CD24, CD133 and EpCAM after cell transfection; (D) cell proliferation ability was assessed by cell clone formation; (E) cell viability was measured by CCK-8 assay; (F) cell apoptosis was determined by Flow cytometry. N=3, *, vs control group, p<0.05; **, vs control group, p<0.01; #, vs BJJP group, p<0.05; *, vs BMSCs group, p<0.05; *, vs BJJP+BMSCs group, p<0.05; EpCAM, epithelial cell adhesion molecule; CSCs, cancer stem cells; BMSCs, bone mesenchymal stem cells; BJJP, Bie Jia Jian pill.
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