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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Successful establishment of hu-mice using CB- and LPB-CD34 cells. (A) CD45 pan hematopoietic cells were stably engrafted into xenografted mouse tissues including PB, BM, and spleen (n=11∼17 in CB, n=9 in LPB). (B) Fluorescence microscopic imaging of CB and LPB cells, with CD45 expression. DAPI: blue. Colors: CD45. Scale bar=100 μm. (C) Myeloid lineage marker CD33 and B cell marker CD19 were evaluated and their frequency determined using CB and LPB cells. (In CD33, n=7 in CB, n=5 in LPB; In CD19, n=9 in CB, n=5 in LPB) (D) Markers for lymphoid lineage cells CD4 and CD8 were rarely detected in LPB cells. (n=8 in CB, n=3 in LPB) (E) Stem cell marker CD34 was highly expressed in hu-mice tissues at 8∼18 hr post CD34 cell injection. (n=2∼8 in CB, n=7∼9 in LPB) (F) Images from at least two independent experiments are shown. CD34 (green), CD45 (red), and DAPI (blue) are demarcated in BM cells from hu-mice. Scale bar=100 μM.
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