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Fig. 1. Protocol of animal experiment. In the induced SSc mouse model, HOCl (400 μl/d) was injected intradermally for 42 days in 8-weeks-old female BALB/c mice. In control group, PBS was injected intradermally at equivalent dose. In UC-MSCs treatment groups, at Day 0 of modeling, 100 μl UC-MSCs were infused once in tail vein of mice at the doses of 0.625×105 cells (low dose group), 2.5×105 cells (medium dose group) and 1×106 cells (high dose group). The skin thickness of mice was measured weekly in each group. At Day 42 (i.e. Week 6), the mice were sacrificed, and specimens were collected for histopathological examination and analysis of lymphocyte subsets in splenocytes.
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