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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. p53 increases the differentiation efficiency of cardiomyocytes from hiPSC. (A, B) The qRT-PCR results showed that overexpression of P53 significantly increased mRNA levels of the cardiomyocytes markers (TNNT2, TNNI3 and α-ACTNIN) (A) and also that of cardiac progenitor marker (NKX2-5) (B) at day 21. (C, D) Representative image of flow cytometry (C) displayed more yields of cardiomyocytes derived from hiPSC indicated by cTNT population by lenti-P53 and quantification was performed (D). (E, F) It was showed using qRT-PCR method that p53 resulted in remarkably increased mRNA levels of mesendodermal markers (BRACHYURY and EOMES) at day 3 from differentiation (E) and cardiac mesodermal makers (MESP1 and KDR) at day 5 (F), respectively. Expression values of the PCR analysis were normalized to GAPDH. Data are presented as mean±SD (t test, *p<0.05; n=3, performed in 3 independent experiments).
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