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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. FLT-4 expressions on AML-NK cells in vitro. (A) CD56CD3 lymphocytes are considered NK cells, and AML characterization has been based on multi-parameter analyses. IFN-γ positive NK cells are detected from AML samples. (B) FACS data of single-, double-/triple treatment groups in AML BM. (C) FACS data of single-, double/triple treatment groups in AML PB. Data shown represent the means of independent experiment. Asterisks depict statistically significant differences compared to AML patient (*p <0.05 vs. AML patients, In BM, 13 AML patients; In PB; 11 AML patients). AML: AML patient, P: peptide, M: MAZ51, A: ara-C.
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