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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. The functional characteristics of PSCs-derived ECs. (A) Uptake assay of Dil-acetylated LDL by the cells (scale bars: 50 μm). (B) Tube formation assay of H1-derived ECs after 4 hours and 12 hours (scale bars: 500 μm). (C) Brief outline of Zebrafish experiments. (D) Vascular competence of PSCs-derived ECs in a zebrafish xenograft model. Representative image of ECs-derived vessel-type structures (in red) within embryonic zebrafish (Flk: GFP; in green) 2 days after implantation, with magnification of the vessel. Scale bars are 300 μm. (E) Using a zebrafish model for gene therapy. Data were represented as the mean±SD, n=3, the experiments were repeated three times with 20∼30 fish per condition. Student’s t test was performed (*p<0.05). (F) CD34+EPCs (labelled with FITC-CD34, green) were injected into the ventral end of the duct of Cuvier of Zebra fish, the cells stained with green fluorescence incorporated into the vasculature of kdr1:mcherry (red) line at 24 hour and 48 hour.
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