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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. hMSC multipotency capacity in vitro. (A, B) Undifferentiated hMSCs-HD and hMSCs-AML (100× magnification). (C, D) Adipogenic differentiation of hMSCs-HD and hMSCs-AML. The accumulation of neutral lipid vacuoles stained with Oil Red O indicates cell differentiation (20× magnification). (E, F) Osteogenic differentiation of hMSC-HDs and hMSCs-AML. Calcium deposition stained with Alizarin Red indicates cell differentiation (20× magnification). (G) BMP4 is downregulated in hMSCs-AML after 21 days of osteogenic induction. To verify BMP4 expression, we used RT-qPCR to determine changes in the mRNA expression obtained from hMSC-AML and hMSC-HD cultures. Data normalization was performed using the endogenous genes B2M and GAPDH. The bars indicate the mean mRNA expression levels (±stan-dard deviation). *p<0.01. hMSCs-HD: me-senchymal stromal cells derived from healthy donors; hMSCs-AML: mesenchymal stromal cells derived from AML patients.
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