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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Astrogenesis is promoted in the hippocampus of MNK mice. (A) Hippocampal sections were immunostained with neuronal marker NeuN and astrocyte marker GFAP at P13. The white box indicates regions shown in high magnification. DAPI was used to counterstain nuclei (Blue). (B) GFAP+ (Red, arrowhead) astrocytes in the highly magnified image were dramatically increased in the hillus and molecular layer of P13 of MNK mice compared with wild type. Scale bar 50 μm and 250 μm (high magnification). CA, Cornu ammonis; Hi, Hilus; DG, dentate gyrus; ML, molecular layer. **p<0.001, n=4 each, by t-test.
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