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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Neurogenesis and neuronal maturation are severely compromised in MNK derived NSCs. Hippocampal neurosphere cultures from the brain of E18.5 wild type and MNK mice were established and induced neuronal differentiation for 4 days. (A) Neuronal processes marker MAP2 and DAPI (blue) were stained after neuronal differentiation. Neurite outgrowth of neurons derived from the hippocampal NSCs of MNK mice was significantly decreased through 4 passages in differentiation condition. Scale bar 100 μm (upper), scale bar 5 μm (lower). Metamorph analysis indicated more than 50% shorter neurites in the MNK derived neurons were observed relative to that of wild type. Scale bar 5 μm. *p<0.05 by t-test. (B) MAP2 expression was reduced in the MNK derived neurons compared with that of wild type through 4 passages. (C) Astrocyte marker GFAP+ cells were significantly increased in the MNK derived NSCs during neuronal differentiation. Scale bar 10 μm. *p<0.05 by t-test. (D) Western blot analysis was performed for neurogenesis makers (anti-NeuroD, anti-pAKT, and anti-pErk1/2) and astrogenesis makers (anti-pSTAT3 and anti-JAK2).
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