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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Characterization of the hiPSC. hiPSC expresses high levels of OCT4 (A, E, I), NANOG (B, F, J), TRA-1-60 (C, K), and Ki67 (D, H, L) by IF, qPCR and flow cytometry respectively. In addition, pluripotent marker SOX2 was also highly expressed in hiPSC using the qPCR data (G). For qPCR analysis (E∼G), the terminal differentiated human fibroblast (hF) cell line (BJ) served as negative control and human embryonic stem cell (hESC) line (HN4) as positive control. The expression was normalized to that of GAPDH. Data are presented as ‘Mean±SD’ from at least 3 independent experiments with duplicate on each sample, with ns denoting non-significant and nd, not detectable. Scale bars=100 μm (400× magnification).
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