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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. hUC-MSCs repaired SU5416-induced emphysema. (A) Representative results of HE staining in lung sections chosen from each group. There was no significant difference between the Control group (CON) and the Control+MSC group (CON+MSC). Emphysematous changes were observed in the group treated with SU5416 (SU). hUC-MSCs transplantation repaired SU5416-induced emphysema (SU+MSC). Magnification, ×100; scale bar, 200 μm. (B) Morphometric analysis of the mean linear intercept (MLI). Values of MLI are presented as mean±SEM. *p<0.05 compared with the Control group. #p<0.05 compared with the SU5416 (SU) group. n=9.
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