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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Histopathological analysis of Df-induced AD mice following administration of hUCB-MSCs. Mice with Df-induced AD were administered vehicle, siCTL-transfected hUCB-MSCs, or siEGF-transfected hUCB-MSCs and sacrificed. Hematoxylin-and-eosin staining was performed to determine (A) the ear thickness and (C) epidermal thickness. (B) Ear thickness and (D) epidermal thickness was measured. (E) Skin lesions on the back were stained with toluidine blue. (F) The number of mast cells in toluidine blue-stained sections was counted. Results are expressed as mean±SEM (n=3 for normal group, n=5 for other groups). *p<0.05, **p<0.01, and ***p<0.001, scale bar 100 μm.
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