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Fig. 8.

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Fig. 8. Expression of autophagy related proteins. (A∼F), Whether in Gal-3 KD cells or in Gal-3 OE cells, SF-MSCs-CM treatment enhanced autophagy and simultaneously reduced fibrosis after TGF-β1 treatment. SF-DMEM treatment also appear the similar phenomenon, but less than those in TGF-β1+SF-MSCs-CM group, especially in Gal-3 OE cells. Results were normalized relative to the expression of GAPDH. N=3 (per group). Data are presented as mean±SD and analyzed by two-way ANOVA followed by Tukey post hoc testing. *p<0.05, vs. control group, p<0.05, vs. TGF-β1+SF-MSCs-CM group, p<0.05, vs. TGF-β1 +SF-DMEM group, p<0.05, vs. SF-MSCs-CM group; compared Gal-3 KD NRK-52E cells with Gal-3 OE NRK-52E cells, #p<0.05, vs. normal group, @p<0.05, vs. TGF-β1 group, &p<0.05, vs. TGF-β1+SF-MSCs -CM group, p<0.05, vs. TGF-β1+SF-DMEM group, ^p<0.05, vs. SF-MSCs-CM group.
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