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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Isolation and identification of the MSCs-Exos. (A) The morphology of primary MSCs under an inverted microscope. (B) Oil Red O staining after adipogenic differentiation. (C) Alizarin red staining after osteogenic differentiation. (D) Alcian blue staining detecting chondrogenic differen-tiation. (E) The expression of surface antigen markers for MSCs (CD29, CD90, CD44, and CD34) evaluated by flow cytometry assay. (F) Obser-vation of exosomes by TEM (scale bar: 200 nm). (G) Western blot analysis of the protein expression of exosome surface markers (CD63 and CD81), CANX, GM130, and Histone H3. MSC: mesenchymal stem cells, TEM: transmission electron microscopy, Exos: exosomes.
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