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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. (A) β-actin, Myosin and Desmin expression (Immunofluore-scence staining). Molecular expression levels of (a) β-actin, (b) Myosin and (c) Desmin. (B) Observation and analysis of myotube. Immunofluore-scence staining of Mhc protein (red) in ADSCs on day 7 in myogenic differentiation medium; Quantitative analysis of Myotube number (a), Myotube length (b), Myotube diameter (c), Myotube maturation index (myotubes with≥2nuclei) (d), Com-parison of the number of myotubes between the groups (e), Comparison of myotube length between groups (f), Comparison of myotube diameter between groups (g), and comparison of myotube maturation index bet-ween groups (h). (C) Myod, Mhc and Myogenin expression (RT-PCR). All experiments were performed in triplicate (*p<0.05, **p<0.01).
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