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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Transcriptomic comparison between ameloblastoma and AM-1 cell line. (a) Heatmap of whole transcriptome showing a significant difference in the transcriptome between three AM samples (AM#1, #2, #3) and AM-1 cell line. (b) Volcano plot of GO term of significantly down-regulated DEGs. The top five GO terms related to ECM (red), collagen (blue), and EMT (green) are indicated in different colors, and the top five GO IDs are selectively labeled. Cutoff values for DEG level in GO analysis were adjusted p-value <0.05 and |fold change| >2.0. (c∼e) Top five GO term lists and heatmaps of genes consisting of top three GO terms related to ECM, collagen, and EMT. In heatmaps, major genes of the tumor microenvironment are labelled.
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