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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Integration of transcriptome data of BMMSCs and osteoblasts. (A) UMAP visualization of the osteogenesis cells (n=8,841 cells) in distinct clusters. Each point was one cell, and colors indicated graph-based cluster assignments. BMMSCs1, BMMSCs2 and Osteoblast on the top right corner represented three different subjects. (B) Correlation of gene expression between two BMMSCs subjects. Each dot represented an individual gene. Axis measure the average gene expression level in the indicated subject (axis is log-scaled). Correlation was tested by Pearson correlation coefficient (R2=0.96, p<0.01). (C) Violin plots showed the log-transformed normalized expression levels of the most significant marker genes in each cluster. (D) Dot plot showed selected biological processes (BPs) in the GO analysis of clusters. X-axis, gene ratio; Y-axis, enriched BP terms in clusters; color (red, high; blue, low), -log10(p-adjusted) of each term.
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