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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Culture and immunostaining characterization of patient-derived GSCs. (A) Comparison of PTHrP mRNA expression in samples between GBM (n=153) and LGG (n=513). ***p<0.001 versus normal tissue. (B) Kaplan–Meier survival analysis of GBM and LGG patients of lower and higher levels of PTHrP-mRNA expression. Human GSCs were isolated from three post-surgical patients (GSC-01, GSC-02, and GSC-03), and the samples’ detailed information (C) and H&E staining (D) were shown. Scale bar=50 μm. (E) After culturing for 5∼7 days, 80∼200 μm tumorspheres were observed. Scale bar=200 μm. (F) These tumorspheres were demonstrated using CD133 and nestin. (G) The single patient-derived GSCs were identified by CD133 and SOX2. The square frames are enlarged to identify the colocalization of CD133 and SOX2 staining. Scale bar=50 μm.
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