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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Features and brief action mechanisms of diverse clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) systems. CRISPR system has been applied in various ways depending on the purpose. Cas nuclease makes random mutation at the cleavage site. The base editor can convert C to T or A to G. Prime editor could insert interested sequence through reverse transcriptase, and CRISPR activation/interference (CRISPRa/i) regulates specific gene expression. sgRNA: single guide RNA, ABE: adenine base editor, PBS: primer-binding site, RTT: Rett syndrome, RT: reverse transcriptase, nCas: nickase Cas, dCas: dead Cas, NHEJ: non-homologous end joining, HDR: homology-directed repair, CBE: cytosine base editor, UGI: uracil glycosylase inhibitor.
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