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International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:127-239
Review Articles
Vascularized Organoids: A More Complete Model
Jin Yu
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:127-137
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Organoids: A New Model for SARS-CoV-2 Translational Research
Jin Yu
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:138-149
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Mesenchymal Stem Cell and MicroRNA Therapy of Musculoskeletal Diseases
Myung-Jin Chung, Ji-Yoon Son, SunYoung Park, Soon-Seok Park, Keun Hur, Sang-Han Lee, Eun-Joo Lee, Jin-Kyu Park, Il-Hwa Hong, Tae-Hwan Kim, Kyu-Shik Jeong
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:150-167
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The Role of Nkx3.1 in Cancers and Stemness
Ainsley Mike Antao, Suresh Ramakrishna, Kye-Seong Kim
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:168-179
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Original Articles
Inhibition of MUC1-C Increases ROS and Cell Death in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Jeong-A Park, Sangkyu Park, Jun-Kyu Choi, Myung-Kwan Han, Younghee Lee
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:180-190
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Valproic Acid Enhance Reprogramming of Bactrian Camel Cells through Promoting the Expression of Endogenous Gene c-Myc and the Process of Angiogenesis
Zongshuai Li, Wenbo Ge, Yina Li, Yong Zhang, Xingxu Zhao, Junjie Hu
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:191-202
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Distinct Repopulation Activity in Hu-Mice Between CB- and LPB-CD34 Cells by Enrichment of Transcription Factors
A-Reum Han, Jeong Eun Lee, Min Ji Lee, Seung Young Ko, Hyun Soo Shin, Ji Yoon Lee, Dong Ryul Lee
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:203-211
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Enhancement of Wound Healing by Conditioned Medium of Adipose-Derived Stromal Cell with Photobiomodulation in Skin Wound
In-Su Park
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:212-220
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Optimal Hypoxic Preconditioning of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hES-MSCs) and Their Characteristics
Seung Min Lee, Dae Won Jun, Hyeon Tae Kang, Ju Hee Oh, Waqar Khalid Saeed, Sang Bong Ahn
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:221-228
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Improved Differentiation Ability and Therapeutic Effect of miR-23a-3p Expressing Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Mice Model with Acute Lung Injury
Peng Zhang, Linghua Liu, Lei Yao, Xiaoxue Song
International Journal of Stem Cells 2021;14:229-239
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International Journal of
Stem Cells

International Journal of Stem Cells (Int J Stem Cells), a peer-reviewed open access journal, principally aims to provide a forum for investigators in the field of stem cell biology to present their research findings and share their visions and opinions......
A Simple Method to Isolate and Expand Human Umbilical Cord Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Using Explant Method and Umbilical Cord Blood Serum
Ghmkin Hassan, Issam Kasem, Chadi Soukkarieh, and Majd Aljamali
; Accepted July 4, 2017.
Role of HIF1α Regulatory Factors in Stem Cells
Hyun Jik Lee, Young Hyun Jung, Gee Euhn Choi, Jun Sung Kim, Chang Woo Chae, Ho Jae Han
Received November 10, 2018; Accepted December 18, 2018.
The Role of Lysophosphatidic Acid in Adult Stem Cells
Dongjun Lee, Yun Hak Kim, Jae Ho Kim
Received March 4, 2020; Accepted May 21, 2020.
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